It involves disentangling the causes of critical delay that give rise to an entitlement for additional time from those that do not. Utilising the services of a programme expert can provide clarity of the critical issues and form an objective view.
There are many types of programme analysis technique that assist in determining extension of time and disruption claims. Deciding which technique is most appropriate depends on the type and quality of the programme information and progress records. This means that if certain information is not available then some of the techniques may be unavailable.
Most importantly, the programme analysis must be based on the facts and must stand up to scrutiny. Forensic programme analysis can be carried out prior to a formal dispute to provide advice, or as part of any formal dispute procedure. It is important to appreciate that the duty of the delay analysis expert is to the court, or dispute forum, to assist them to arrive at a decision.
It is not just the causes of critical delay which can be assessed, the project can also be disrupted causing changes to sequencing and leading to increased resources. The programme expert can assist in the assessment of the level of disruption and any increase in resources due to delay events.
• Our experience in construction, planning and the latest project management software allow us to analyse the most complex delays.
• We apply our forensic programming services to time claims on projects and provide prospective and retrospective analysis determining later or earlier completion.
• We provide an unbiased independent view of the time related disputes and an assessment of the facts to assist in the understanding issues on often complex projects.
• We also provide expert witness services for litigation, arbitration and adjudication hearings together with the preparation of reports for various dispute resolution forums.
Hunter Bayfield has conducted forensic programme analysis on hospital disputes in the UK and Europe. The analysis has been carried out on behalf of sub-contractors and client organisations. The programme analysis has assisted in the preparation of claims for additional time and helped to evaluate the true extent of the critical delay for each event in dispute.
We have extensive experience of working with universities on a wide variety of projects both new build and refurbishment. Assistance has been provided with the assessment of extension of time claims, helping to identify the true critical delays and the extent of those delays so that an appropriate award may be made that stands up to scrutiny. This has assisted in the settlement of disputes by agreement and avoided time consuming and costly dispute proceedings.
At Hunter Bayfield we have been appointed as the expert to provide an opinion on the delays to projects and the allocation of that critical delay. The issues have been complex and involved the interrelationships between the main contractor and sub-contractor programmes. These disputes were resolved at adjudication.

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